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For lack of a better description...


I guess maybe wing, elephant ears?🐘


I was looking at this sweater vest, very inexpensive from Costco. I think it's pretty but I question the lack of structure in that collar. Like it would just flap in the breeze so to speak and never stay in place. Especially in a knit. Nitpicky and insignificant I know. 


What's your opinion on that type of collar?



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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I think on the model that it minimizes the bust and accentuates the hips.If you are bigger in hip area then that might not be the best choice.

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I like that style ... it's VERY easy to make.  It's basically a rectangle with armholes.  I have quite a few like that because they are quick projects.


For my body shape - I like the look.  I have wide shoulders and no curves.

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

For me personally, I can't stand any clothing/fabric that flops around, lol. I don't like how they look on me or how they feel, flapping around my body. It's a "thing" I have.
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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I gotta agree - not a fan.  And what about all the bell sleeves ??? I see them dipping into all my food and how do you get a coat over them ??  

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I tend to wear tailored clothing b/c I'm 5'0" tall and too much of anything overwhelms.  

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars


With the exception of eating from a trough I see no difficulty in keeping your sleeves out of your food?! Seems a rather silly concern

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

Wore the extra material in the 70s -- along with elephant leg jeans. Cute when you're slim and young...for a while. No interest in returning to that style. 

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I like the collar and the center of the vest would part a little if you weren't standing still.  There was a black D & C vest within the last year that had similar, though about 1/3 smaller collar than this one.  One of the hosts wore it sleeveless and it went into waitlist.

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Re: Big Giant Floppy Collars

I have collars like that, it's not like they are new.  What is there to say?  I think it depends on the entire garment.  That sweater seems heavy, it's thick knit so personally the collar would be "to much".   A lighter knit fabric, with movement would work for me.  Or does work for me, since I do have open cardigans in that style in closet.