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Hi - do any of you own these? How do you like them?


I bought several of the Buffalo plaid ones last week; and last night bought the cheetah one, for gifts. These are different item numbers.

Why are they different prices? Are they made from the same fabric in the same way? The group of Buffalo plaid ones were cheaper but then the navy plaid one was in the group with the animal and camo prints presented last night so it was a couple dollars more. Sometimes I just don't get the pricing.

And lastly, are they 2 layers of fabric stitched together all around, to achieve the double sided prints? Or are they a single layer of thick, plush faux Sherpa??


Thanks for your help!

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@Thats Me  - I bought three of these last year - one for me and one for each of my sisters for Christmas presents.  Mine is packed away, but I think it is just one layer of fabric.  We call them the "magic" blankets because they are so warm and soft.  Even my sister's cat looks for this blanket over other throws!

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Pricing differences are instituted when inventory is out of balance.  I've seen this for sizes as well as colors across different categories.  Blue seems to be a # 1 color and is rarely included at a lesser price.  I always check on this and am pleasantly surprised when my choice is at a lower price.  

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Those capes are nice butI have been doing that for years with small throws.  Just fold into a sort of triangle and there's  your cape.  


These small throws are sold all over and I like ones that are not very thick and heavy.  Just unfold them and they are back to being a throw--double duty!

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Thank you all for your comments and reviews! I appreciate the idea of a throw being used as a cape but think I'll stick with these ideas for gifts because of the pockets and cut, thinking they'll stay on more easily. We'll see! If I don't like them I'll send them back.


I do hope they're a single layer of fabric. That hasn't been covered in presentations.

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I purchased the buffalo plaid last year.  Definitely warm and cozy, but extremely bulky. Very soft fabric.  If someone gave it to me as a gift it would be appreciated.