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Belts can be tied into a slip knot or square knit BEHIND the coat for an out of view look too.


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I my younger days I had several belted coats. That's when I had a waist. After my hot flash era my waist disappeared despite exercise and maintaining my Weight Watchers goal weight. I'm only 5'3"so these days any belt just cuts me in half, so I don't wear them at all. At first I missed belted clothes but it's been awhile since my waist-loss and I am OK with that. My goal these days is to elongate my appearance, not cut it down.

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In High School I had a "dress" I wore a lot.  It was a wool heavy weave navy, gold and ivory weave double breasted garmet that looked more like a jacket than a dress because of the length!  LOL!! I still remember how careful I had to be wearing that because it was so short!  Talking about coats made me think of it.  Oh the "good" old days!  LOL!!!

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I think belted coats look chic and tailored when standing, but aren't the most comforsthoe to wear sitting or driving  in a car. I have a trench coat with belt but I still wear it open almost all the time. 

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I wore my newer coat with a belt today.  At first I tied the belt and it worked loose.  Once I knotted it, I was okay.


jcpenney Ana Ana Double Breasted Belted Wool Blend Coat Tall



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J. Crew makes an awesome one with the appearance of a belt.

I own it in turquoise from a few years ago.

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I purchased the Halston Zip faux suede coat with the belt A234395 in black.  I usually wear it with a red and black jacquard print scarf and always wear the belt, which I tie and knot.  Every time I wear that coat I get so many compliments.  It is so figure flattering with the belt that I never wear it without it.  Love that coat!  

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I love a belted overcoat.  Presently I own 8 coats which are belted or have the capacity to be cinched at the waist.  All 4 of my raincoats have belts; I have two wool belteds (a jacket and a full length); a suede belted; and cinched waist on three of downcoats (one jacket, a 3/4 length, and a full length)