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So far, I haven't purchased anything with bell sleeves.  While I think they are beautiful, I worry that they are just a trend that will look dated soon.  I have been tempted, but have resisted so far.  What are your thoughts on bell sleeves?

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been about 5 threads on it you must had missed them

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I love bell sleeves as long as they’re not so exaggerated that they get in the way of everyday activities!  I think it’s worth a try. 


I must have missed all five threads too. I’ll live. 

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I'm glad you like them................. They seem to be popular... but I would never wear them.... Seems you might get 'flight' is a good wind came up..........Smiley Very Happy

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Not a style I'll be purchasing any time soon.

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Re: Bell Sleeves

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I like the looks but I dont wear them.  Knowing me I would have them drug through my food plate.

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I used to wear bell sleeves when I was a teenager---some 45 years ago---that was the style and I loved them.


However, I'm not a fan of bell sleeves today---not on me, anyway---they look OK on younger women (like I was so many years ago!)--but the sleeves do date the garment---I see it as a trend--like the "hi-low" tops and dresses. The only trend I personally liked was the shoulder pads--made me look thinner! LOL!!


Hope everyone is having a blessed weekend!!!!



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Re: Bell Sleeves

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@TrudeyI bought Halston A297074 in x-small. The material (60% cotton, 20% rayon, 20% nylon) is substantial and one can turn back the bell sleeve and it stays in place. Does not take wings!


Washed it in cold water, gentle wash and then in dryer at lowest setting for 5 min. Then removed from dryer and layed flat to finish drying. It did shrink a little. Maybe a tiny bit more form fitting.


Am considering another one, different color, same size.Smiley Happy

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I felt the same way at first - that they were just too trendy.  But I did cave and buy a few tops and one dress over the winter.  Just bought another floral summery top.  I make sure to  buy petites so the sleeves aren't too long.


I felt the same way about the cold shoulder trend.  I did buy one dress and I love it.



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I started buying bell sleeved tops late last summer/early fall.  

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