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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

Two options. I know these may not be the funnest but others probably won't be going this route and would be suitable from the mother-in-law.


~ Some family history type item/s (note - so glad you'll be part of the family). A nice, framed family fan chart/tree, an heirloom (ie grandma's broach or pearl necklace, published book), etc 

~ 72 hour emergency kits to keep in the car/by the door (note - hope you never need this but you'll be happy to have it in case you do)

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

Yes, robes and gowns are a nice gift for a bridal shower, but not given by the mother-in-law to be. That's a gift the maid of honor or close friend would give.

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

@DebbieDD wrote:
I’m curious whether this would be an appropriate gift for my future daughter in law for her wedding shower.
I was hoping not to have to go traditional route and just get something from their registry... any other ideas? TIA

@DebbieDD - When one of DD's college roommates got married before the pandemic, her mother gave her a beautiful set. Personally I think it would be a nice gift from a future MIL, like you, too. I think every young woman would appreciate a nice set that wasn't too "wedding night" like! LOL! There are going to be times when the young couple will be visiting or hosting and a T-shirt and sweats won't work!


Another option would be a nice wraparound robe. Barefoot Dreams has a great one, and you can find nice ones from other vendors here.  Smiley Happy

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

This is going back 30 years so take this for what it's worth.


I had a wedding shower that included guests from both my family and my DH's family.  Both of us attended and we were given household gifts and items that we had registered for.  Our wedding shower was very large at 125 people. I never would have wanted to open up personal items at that shower.


I then had a "personal" shower that was much, much smaller.  It included very close family from both sides and my bridal party.  That is where I was given personal items like robes, gowns, other jammies, bath & body products, etc.   


I haven't attended any wedding showers recently that were just the bride only.  They have all been for both the bride and groom and household items or cash were the gifts given.


@DebbieDD as an aside, it is really nice to "see" you again.  I hope you have been well.  Your gift sounds lovely, whenever you decide to present her with it. 

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

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I wouldn't want an intimate item from my MIL. Who wnts to think of their husband's mother when they're getting into the "marital bed". 

My MIL put together a recipe box with family recipes written down and something from my registry. Let the bridesmaids handle the garments. 


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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

I think it would be appropriate as long as it's something you could use when traveling and/or visiting and staying with other friends/family and not some sexy lingerie set.


Personally, I wouldn't want to give or receive this type of gift because everyone (myself included)  is so particular about what they wear during the day and for nighttime. 

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

I am a MIL and will have a second DIL soon.

I think what the OP suggests is more appropriate coming from the MOB, not the MIL.

My DIL's mother gave her lingerie. As my DS was in attendance they both asked that the gift not be opened for all to see. They showed me later.

BTW, I know of no young women who would wear a robe and/or nightgown of any kind. 

Tank & shorts set-yes, Penoir set? That is from another generation IMO.

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

Personally that would be uncomfortable for me if my MIL to be gave me that.  Go with the registry it is what she chose to get. Buy her some earrings in her birthstone  

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

@faeriemoon wrote:

Traditionally the maid/matron of honor used to give the "wedding night" peignoir set gift to the bride.



I still have mine.   Wedding gift from my bridemaids.  The shower gift was more risque.  Peignoir sets are so 19th & 20th century. Smiley LOL  These 21st century brides wear items much more risque or nothing at all.  You know that old saying....."A cook in the kitchen & a ______ in the bedroom." Me personally, I DO NOT want any wedding night ANYTHING from a future MIL.  From my mother either.


That being said......I did get my daughter a long slinky silk gown for "the honeymoon year." A little birdie told me she wore it till she had her 1st childMy daughter & DILs are all socks & tee shirt night gear.

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Re: Beautiful robe or gown/robe set?

I am extremely picky about all of my clothing, including sleepwear. I never wanted anyone to get me anything like that and let it be known, nicely.


They have a registry for a reason. I love registries personally.