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@physicsnut wrote:

It appears that Susan was trying to look like her daughter instead of her mother.  The hair is way too young looking.  Not a good hairstyle for someone her age.  Also, the dress was too young looking for a mother of the bride.


Susan is the Mother of the Bride, not the Great Grandmother! I don't know her age, maybe 50'ish? Irrelevant, actually. Her Hair looked lovely, the dress is beautiful. I'll bet the Bride was very proud of her Mom!

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Beautiful bride!  While I think the dress Susan wore was very pretty, I think it was too bright for being the mother of the bride dress.  It took the attention away from the bride.  The dress worn by the mother-in-law was stunning, tasteful and gorgeous.  

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IMO they are all beautiful / handsome !  I enjoyed having them share their day a bit here . What a lovely setting!


I don't think weddings have to be 'matchy, matchy' anymore unless that is what is desired. Many weddings I have attended lately have had staid nudged over to let joy and individualism take over. To me that is an improvement over everyone debating over petty details.


Why wouldn't Susan who is a designer that has voiced her love of prints wear a lovely artistic print ? No one could take away the beauty of that bride.

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Susan her daughter were both beautiful! Not a thing wrong with either dress or hair, both were perfect!

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Re: Beautiful Bride!

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Beautiful bride and handsome groom. .... I'm guessing that Jaclyn approved of her mom's beautiful dress.  Heart  Also, Susan's hubby is very handsome.

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Absolutely gorgeous. Both bride and mom! I love everything about it, what a gorgeous family! Groom is cute too!

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@Sunnyfield wrote:

I think the dress is  ugly - the inset on the front looks like an afterthought because the dress was low cut.


On the other hand, the bride is beautiful as is Susan - the groom is adorable - the setting spectacular!!


And they all look very happy!!

I tend to agree, though I would not go so far as to say that the dress is ugly.  It is really pretty from the back.

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@lolakimono wrote:

@happygolfcartrider wrote:

The Bride is beautiful and I love Susan's dress! BUT who is that in the tight silver thing about to loose the top?


Stiffler's mom?Cat Wink

Is Stiffler the groom? 

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