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NORDSTROM Puff Sleeve Cotton & Wool Sweater, Main, color, BLUE BASALT


ARGENT Stretch Wool Trousers, Main, color, COBALT

BOSS Tiluna Slim Wool Suit Pants, Main, color, TEAL


CINQ À SEPT Kayden Bead Detail Trousers, Alternate, color, SLATE

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Beautiful.  Especially the royal/cobalt blues.

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Very pretty!

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Love the colors.  I wish they wouldn't tuck the shirts in........can't see the length of the hem in the front. Oh well. 

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Love the shades of blue! Thanks for posting,

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Beautiful blues, model way way way too thin. 

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I especially like the sweaters with the ruching at the shoulder.


Thank you.

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Blue is my favorite color so, naturally, I love all of these shades!!

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You had me at "blue."  Gorgeous items.

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@gertrudecloset   Every one is unique and wearable.


Love my blues too!