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I rarely purchase clothing from QVC anymore  and just recently noticed the Barefoot Dreams line. It looks nice,but why is it so expensive? I could see if it were cashmere.Is it really worth the price they are charging?

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I've got 4. Some paid full price 168 couple others I got for less then 100.


They're just pretty, warm as all hale. Good for the big busted which I qualify and for the big butt folk (which I'm not) Just big and slouchy I'll take XL.


Don't have a white, thinking on it. That leopard print is my favorite. then I got a 'fig' color and plush and an 'almond' and one with a wide stripe running horizontal.


Some folks with the butt of a mule would really benefit them.

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I bought my daughter one of their sweatshirts with a hood. I got it on Amazon 1/2 price for starting an account. It is nice but I don't get why so expensive. In my humble opinion it was barely worth the price I paid. It started out as a brand that celebrities loved so maybe that's the reason? I don't know how warm it is. My daughter hasn't commented on that.

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I for one happen to like barefoot dreams.  However I would never pay full price.  I always look for it on sale/clearance.  I think you would call it a Designer Brand.  So you are paying for the name I guess. I do love the feeling of the fabric. But I guess you can get that from other fabrics.  And it is a matter of taste.  Just like other brands....or designers. 


I think all either like them or don' will either pay the price or you won't.  There are QVC designers here that I like and don't like.  And even the ones I like I won't pay full price (unless very specific circumstances).  And some of the favorite ones here I think are way too expensive and I think why...but others love them. 


And how many designers or everywhere you see...with high prices and you think I would never pay that price.  But there are people that would pay.  It just depends on how much money you have and if you like it. 

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Celebrity endorsements like Chrissy Teigen, Oprah, Hailey Bieber, Brie Larson, Kate Hudson, and Khloe Kardashian can't hurt with sales. Those ladies can afford anything.

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You don't have to be a celebrity to own a piece.  QVC has had TSV's. However you don't have to purchase.  Thier most recent was a throw.  I believe it was $60.  Hoever I have purchased from Nordstrom Rack for $40.  And I have found their cardigans for $40.  So you can find good deals.  So you don't have to be a millionaire.

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The brand is associated with luxury so I guess you pay for that. Luxury brands, no matter what it is, will always cost more (even though some of it might not be top quality).

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@staceyluvsyou   Some people will say yes, some will say no way.  Both are right - for themsleves, not for those who think the opposite.

Few pieces of clothing are worth anything for resale, so what you like and can afford is worth wjhat you pay for it.


I have just one BD sweater.  I'd buy more but it's so rare that I want a sweater or a jcket where i live that I don't easily save room for a collection.


I did buy the BD coverlet/blanket the other day - way fewer dollars than the throws I've liked locally..


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Their items are comfortable and soft. They feel luxe.


I bought one of the sweaters when it was a TSV and gave it to my mother. When my mother passed my sister wanted it and since I had purchased the same sweater for myself --the one that was my mother's became my sisters. My mother wore it quite often and it was one of a few go to sweaters.


I recently purchased a sweater in the men's side of fashions from Barefoot Dreams and it will be a Christmas gift for my husband.


Comfort is key.

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My experience with these fabrics has been horrible, especially for the prices.  


The material pulls and snags and does not breathe.  It feels so cheap when in fact it is promoted as being luxurious...guess the celebs don't care how their money is spent.


Also, the cardigans or "coatigans" look like you have picked up 25 pounds just putting those sloppy things on.  Who needs that type of layering?