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Has anybody else noticed that in every fashion show that is not brand specufic, there is now a long, tedious presentation of at least one Barefoot Dreams product?  I have two long cardigans, one I wear as a house coat in the winter and the other I've never worn.  Needless to say, I don't want more, especially in August during one of the hottest summers on record.  I'm wondering if QVC has bought the company?


Anyway, I wish they'd give us a break because I'm really sick of looking at those shapeless overpriced garments in horrid drab colors.  I promise I won't be buying another.

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I've been anti Barefoot Dreams as I just think they're so overpriced.  However I just saw the lounger on sale and I may have to buy it.  I love loungers and this one looks so comfy and cozy.

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I love Barefoot Dreams.
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i also want the lounger!

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I want Maria's shoes! Suede platform clogs, could they be from QVC?
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Agree !  Guess, they were a big item sometime ago, however even though I live in an area that can be cold in the winter , I don't have a big desire for any of those shapless blankets.  Was this some item that Oprah promoted ???

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$140 plus shipping and tax for a jogging outfit with zero style to it??

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@Aunt Abbey  Not sure if she got her specific pair of clogs from QVC.  Clogs are very on trend right now. 


Try a search -- clogs -- here and at your favorite shoe retailers.  There are loads of them of all heel heights, material, and price-points.  


I have two pairs from last winter.  One from DSW, and the other from Rag & Co.  

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Re: Barefoot Dreams

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Was never interested in this brand. Way overpriced IMO.  Just checked what's recently been on air.  $120 for a nylon and viscose pullover???  Doesn't IM sell cashmere for less??



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I love Barefoot Dreams, but I buy all mine only when on a great sale.  I have several pieces. 


The collection of Barefoot Dreams that I don't care for is their Malibu collection.  To me, that's not special, and not even all that soft.  At least it's nothing different from many other brands.  I had one pair of Malibu joggers but returned them.