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Barefoot Dreams IMO is a lifestyle brand. If you long for that hip, cool, casual California lifestyle, then the brand is for you. There's no doubt about it, the stuff is expensive, unless you can get it on sale. I love all the pieces I have collected and keep saying, no more, but then I see something I just must have.

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You said it so well, @blackhole99!

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I love the lite and ultra lite fabrications.

I tried the original cozy chic and that one doesn't work for me, but I "get it" why it does for many. 

I just like the silkier hand of the lite lines. 

I'm addicted to the various styles, Being fortunate enough to work remotely I live in them in the fall and winter. 

I also put them all in lingerie wash bags and wash on gentle and lay flat to dry and so far have had no issues with loss of softness or pills.


For the summer, I also have some of their shorts and can wear the ultra lite pieces.. And milk jersey. 

Personally, I get my money's worth out of these pieces and typically have on something from this line at some point every day.


All that being said, I wait for sales and yes, they are still more expensive than the super store brands which I have some of those as well and some are very nice.. But these are just so much more luxurious.

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Does anyone have the caftan that is $108.00?  I am not usually a caftan girl but this one looks like it fits closer to the body the way it is shaped! 

If anyone has tried it I would love your personal opinion! Thanks!Woman Wink

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I don't have the caftan. I do have other pieces in the same fabric.

Its soft and comfortable fabric.. And I wash it the same as the cozy chic.

In lingerie bags on gentle, hang to dry.


Personally, I don't think I'd wear this fabric out of the house as it is so light weight.

Very comfortable summer lounge wear though.


There's a thread from June when this caftan was a tsv. 

You can get more opinions on style and fit there.

Hope this helps.

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I love the feel of the fabric but this just isn't a line that fits into my lifestyle at all.


I have ordered 2 pieces from QVC and sent both of them back.  Way too casual, too heavy and I really just didn't know where I would ever wear the items.  The cardigans were far too heavy to wear inside unless it was winter and I was somewhere without heat.  I'd never be able to wear the items to work and they aren't what I would sit around my house in.  If I want something to throw on while I lounge around my house, I'm fine with Cuddl Duds for that purpose.   

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I have a few pieces and know that I don't care for all their fabrics AND that their sweaters, coats, blankets,etc are NOT all the same fabric. 


I only care for the fabric that feels like silky cashmere on the skin and that limits what I purchase. I have the sweat pants and only use them for lounging at home after a bath and when I'm relaxing; sometimes I sleep in them during the winter. SO comfortable.... just wonderful. The TSV cardigan from a year ago (the one with the slits) is great BUT...this material is not warm I found (which shocked me). It's a nice wrap for cooler evenings (on the beach is exactly right) but is not a warm sweater for winter. The ponchos are what I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Way too heavy for inside use, they are what I wear during the winter for running around; over a cashmere turtleneck, it's PERFECT. I didn't use a coat all winter unless I was playing in the snow with my kids. The poncho (the one with the turtleneck and cuffs) is lightweight, not bulky and paired with my sweater, kept me warm and was easily removed when I was inside (if I needed to take it off).  I've gifted this to other women in my family and as long as wear it with a natural fiber under it (cotton, silk or cashmere), it's all you need with a temp of 20-40C. 


Last, you don't know who shops here or why they choose to shop here; you may be surprised. Just because someone has money doesn't mean they only shop at exclusive retail establishments, lol. Stereotyping isn't a smart thing to do.....

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As of this moment I only have one Barefoot Dreams piece: the Cozychic Lite Knit Beanie A280947.  It is the best winter cap I have ever owned. Can't say enough about it.  @LipstickDiva you might try the beanie as a way of using this frabrication in an outdoor piece.  


I have the Cozychic Ultra Lite Poncho A304003 (in beach rock) on my wish list for Fall days and plane flights.