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I got my sweater today.  Supposed to be lavendar but it is more of a dove gray lavender.  Color comes out much more if it is next to a color in same family.  I got large according to chart but it is a little too big but wearable.  Not sure if I will keep.  Disappointed in the faded looking color.  Also, not sure why they tacked down only part of the cuff.  It does not stay.  Might need to undo the stitch...

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@bargainsgirl  that's disappointing, online and on air it looked like a 

very pretty lilac to me.The BFD sizing is always a traumatic experience 

for me when trying to decide what's going to work for me in the different 

items lol 

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I like BD but received a real dud last week.  Customer return, no tags, looked like it had been laundered.  Annoyed, ergo taking a break from them.

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received mine a few days ago. i got the sea glass and it fits perfectly in my regular BD sizing. i always buy an XL if there is straight sizing, i always buy a L/XL if it is bridge sizing. the sea glass color is beautiful. my indigo is on waitlist unfortunately. this one is not as long as many of the ones i already own. it just covers my behind. it is semi fitted and will still allow me to use a long sleeve shirt underneath easily. it is a perfect three season weight AND i can even use it at the beach on cool breezy evenings during the summertime.

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I was eyeing A635719 very seriously in the Desert Coral

 not sure if I want to add another  " can only wear when I 
don't feel bloated" dress tho 😉

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That is a disappointment given the price tags on that brand.

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Disappointed with this purchase. I got the lilac which looks faded, looks like a light grey. Color looked better on the TV. The pockets are strange, not stitched down, so the pockets underneath are loose. Never seen anything like this before. The size was ok but looked sloppy on. I expected much better for this price. This was my first purchase of BFD and my last. Not sure if I want to keep it. I will say it is really soft.       

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Glad I passed reading the reviews. This brand is severely overpriced for the fabric.  They are on nearly every day.

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Got mine in the sea glass also.  Love it. It's a little bit big on me but I couldn't bear to send it back because it is so pretty and soft.  DD got one in the blue.  

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@bargainsgirl  I ordered the cardigan and the pant in the Violette color and it does not look the least bit gray to me. It is a true and lovely lilac.