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Re: Barefoot Dreams...Seriously

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I love BD and I own 2 pieces--one is a robe.  I liked the TSV, but I like pockets, and I wasn't sure about the sizing.  Plus, as everyone knows, LOL, I detest open front.  I thought the price was good, and nothing compares to BD!


I wish they'd design one with a closure of some form.  I did buy the lite wrap that had pockets in black--on sale for $69 or so.  It looked really nice and cozy!  I love the socks too, but I wonder if those were a good price.


I thought the vendor did a nice job, but I was tired of hearing about the celebrities who own BD.  That's not a selling point for me, LOL, as I buy what I like and don't care if anyone else likes it.


This was my purchase yesterday--it was cheaper on QVC:


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Re: Barefoot Dreams...Seriously

Not exactly the same... I actually think it's a better one @ QVC it's the lighter weight and ribbed. I have one coming as a christmas present ...and the gifter bought one for herself :-)

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Re: Barefoot Dreams...Seriously

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Re: Barefoot Dreams...Seriously

What online retailer?