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@SeaMaiden Don't feel bad about posting that BD is oversized.  Many items aren't, but many are.  According to Maria, the rep, it is a trend right now.  I personally love the pullovers.  I wear them everyday with NYDJ jeans.

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@World Traveler @RollTide2008 Good advice.  Since I can't recall what I did, I'll rewash both sweaters the way you described and cross my fingers.  I mean, I didn't ruin them, but I know they went in the washer feeling much softer than when they were washed and dried.  (I've been known to fry things in the dryer!)

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Prices are ridiculous. I own two cardigans & a sweater.  They wrinkle terribly, have never received a compliment. I just returned from a road trip to the coast of Monterey & Carmel and did not see a single person in BD.  I may sell mine on Ebay and at least get some money back.

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I love the line myself but the prices are high so I am choosy about what I buy.  I try to wait for a good sale price before purchasing.  

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Speaking of prices, the BD Seaside pullover A388458 is a lunchtime special. Incredible deal if you're a 1x or a 3x and you like the cream zebra or green camo.

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I like some of the pieces but choose to buy them only when on sale.  I do agree that a lot of the colors can look bathrobe-ish, so I avoid those shades.

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I resisted BD because of the price but gave in and ordered a robe from another site and enjoy it so. It is warm, soft and the first zip up I've ever had. It made me a convert to the line. I now have 3 sweaters purchased from the Q that I find myself wearing more than other sweaters in my wardrobe. They are what I consider basics.