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@SeaMaiden wrote:

Just ridiculous  prices!  Nothing looks great..kind of hanging saggy not get the appeal other than being soft.  JUST MY OPINION. 



Just to add.....I have deleted what @Chi-town girl  felt was rude and demoralizing in my first comment...I still believe what is left in the comment  AND WHAT I DELETED. Just do not want to ruffle feathers.

Thank you @SeaMaiden - appreciate you making that revision. 

On another topic, I look forward to discussing with you the upcoming ISOMERS events. Appreciate your notification since I don't shop at SHOPHQ often. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday! 

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Re: Barefoot Dreams PRICES

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  Please remove this thread. Thank you. 

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I have several pieces but never paid full price for any of them. I picked up a couple of the dockside pullovers today.  

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think Lug bags are hideous. They look like potholders.

Skechers all look like orthopedic shoes. Anyone who would wear them has clearly given up on being attractive.

Quacked Factory is toddler clothes for old women.


I am an Old Woman, wearing a toddler inspired Sweatshirt, sketchers slippers and my lug bag is on my counter. Your comments made me laugh so hard. I did not take offense at all. off to call my sister inlaw. lol


actually, I haven't given up completely. still laughing

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barefoot dreams is one of my favorite lines on qvc. is it expensive? why yes, yes it is. do i wait for items to go on sale here and at the rack or on other sites? sometimes. sometimes i dont want to wait and pay full price.


there are other lines on qvc that are less expensive, but that doesnt mean that i  am going to like or wear those lines.


cost per wear is a BIG factor in what i purchase. if i am going to wear a BD open front cardigan that costs $100+ twenty times a season then that to me is worth it. if i buy another open front cardigan at $50 and only wear it once, then that wasnt worth it for me.


buy what you love, love what you buy......wear it and shine. definitely no need to provide unconstructive criticism that helps no one. there are definitely better ways to get your points across without being inappropriate, mean, and condescending about any brand and peoples choices.

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@SeaMaiden I had to jump in here.  You said "soft."  I must've done something wrong when I washed mine -- the fabric isn't exactly what I'd call soft anymore, and it just looks blah.  It's been a while so I can't recall if I used a Woolite-type product or regular Tide.  Any suggestions?  Maybe I can bring mine back to life.

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@World Traveler Would you share with me how you wash your BD items?  I have two cardis I bought probably three years ago.  I live in FL so I consider them my winter coats!  Not sure if I washed them correctly - they don't seem so soft and fluffy anymore.  How do do you wash yours?  Hoping I can make them look good again.

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@BarbiHollywood I don't know if you used fabric softener or not, but somebody said that can ruin them.

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@BarbiHollywood, you should not use fabric softener or dryer sheets on Barefoot Dreams. I don’t baby mine. They go in the regular wash with regular Tide and get dried on low. I’ve been very happy with how nicely they wear. I’m sorry to hear yours hasn’t. Maybe a wash with some vinegar in the rinse water?
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@BarbiHollywoodI always wash mine in cold water, gentle cycle, NO added softener or anything else to the water. I use regular detergent from Costco (Kirkland).


Although many people lay their BD's out on a towel to dry, I toss them in the dry at the lowest possible temperature. Dryer/static sheets should NOT be used with BD.


Also, I never wash them with anything else but BD items. So sometimes I wait until their is at least 3-4 items, because I don't want to mix them with other materials. One time I did accidentally have something with them that as not BD, and I noticed the difference. Nothing great, but there was a difference in softness. However, the next time I washed/dried those same items without a non-BD item with it, they came out with the softness I always experience with them when new.


Where I do differ with others is that I don't fold mine and put them in a drawer or cupboard. I hang all BD items, using a 17" padded hanger from Amazon. I never have a problem with puckering on the shoulder. If they can hang on my body all day, they can hang on a padded hanger. I do not notice them getting out of shape by doing that; no stretching out.


Hope this helps!