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Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite vs just Cozychic?

I have four pieces from BD and love all four.  I have not experienced and shedding issues but have read about quite a few shedding issues in the reviews.


I have two Cozychic Lite Pebble Beach pullovers.  Though the arms are more form fitting than I would like, as a plus sized girl they still fit very well and the softness is lovely.  I have had both since last winter and they have been laundered a lot, again with no shedding.


I also bought two Cozychic Ultra Lite pullovers during the summer.  I have tried them on but not laundered them.  There are many reviews about shedding, which I am hoping I will not experience.


My question, what is the difference between the Cozychic Lite, Cozychic Ultra and Cozychic?  

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Re: Barefoot Dreams Cozychic Lite vs just Cozychic?

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I have a few pieces of Barefoot Dreams and like them too.  I’ve found they wear like iron and launder easily.  I too have not experienced any shedding, and I’ve worn some of my pieces a lot.


To the best of my knowledge the fabrics go like this:  Cozychic Ultra Lite is the thinnest and lightest of those you mentioned.  Then comes Cozychic Lite, with the Cozychic being the heaviest of all three.