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I adore tights so I look forward to the weather getting cool enough to pull them on.  


I don't live in a super cold climate so if it isn't tights weather, I go bare legged.  My skin is dark olive so I don't have an issue looking 'pale' -- but the main thing is that I dislike wearing pantyhose unless it is a special occasion.

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It looks so silly to me for women to go bare legged in the cold weather months.  I can see being comfortable in the hot weather and not wearing hose.  But even when you have a wedding or special function to attend, I cannot see not wearing hose.  It looks more dressed up to have the hose and makes the outfit look much more finished.  I know with my old legs, it is not a pretty sight to behold without hose.  I guess if you have great legs, more power to you.


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