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Banana Republic Outfit

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The pants are their Italian wool straight leg pants, $160. Don't know the details about the sweater and scarf, but I know I like them because they look like the Irish Aran items.


I wouldn't/couldn't tuck in such a bulky sweater, but I like the outfit. 


Btw I don't know what the model is holding, but it looks like salt and pepper shakers 😊 Zoomed in again and it looks like binoculars. 



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Love the pants!


The sweater/scarf combo is way too much bulk for me, but perhaps the sweater could work if it were the proper size. 

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Love this loose straight leg look.


Sweater, too.


Would love to 'copy' that look, at a more affordable price.  


Not wool, though.

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The sweater is their fisherman cable knit sweater $160. I love the pants too, they look beautiful.

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so nice to see those pants vs. skinny pants


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I like the oversized sweater but I would not tuck in either.  I could not do the neck or scarf since I cannot stand anything around my neck. She looks comfy.

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I'm extremely cold natured and couldn't wear that sweater at all.


Thick textured sweaters are HOT-HOT this year.  There will be dups this year and probably next.

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Those are my perfect trouser shape. Love everything about them. Like the sweater too, I just don't do t necks anymore.
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I like the look of the wide leg pants but I don't wear heals.

Slim or straight legs pants seems to work better for me for my height and wearing flat or nearly flat shoes.

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That outfit is perfection @Greeneyedlady21 and I would not change a thing.  Love the color of the trousers and love wool.


I'm a woman that feels the cold and so appreciate wool.


Thank you for posting this ensemble for us.


Best wishes for the remainder  of the weekend.



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