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Re: Bad Pairing

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I like Carolyn as a host, but yes, I do think she has a "heavy hand" as a host, always.  She makes sure she's the lead and the perceived expert, no matter what she's selling, or who she's paired with.  She also has a bad habit of ignoring what the vendor or other host says because she is just waiting to interrupt with her own words of wisdom.  But overall, I appreciate that she always does her homework, and has a fantastic voice.



I adore Isaac.  His charm, wit, and graciousness to the hosts is always a delight.   

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When I watch, I mute them. For some products, I watch muted and captioned. 

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I'm not a Carolyn fan and I can imagine it wasn't a great pairing with Isaac because of her domineering presentation skills. 

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@Johnnyeager wrote:

"All Business" Carolyn needs to use a stuffed squirrel as a sales prop.


For real! She uses a stuffed animal and "talks" for it like a 2 year old....but Isaac is the silly one?!?! Please!!

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Re: Bad Pairing

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There is a reason I dvr all shows I have interest in and ff through everything I don't care to see. It saves me being annoyed by products I don't want to see and hosts and vendors who jabber about bs. 

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I like her with Gary.  They like each other personally and it shows.  I haven't seen her with Isaac.  She sells Denim & Co very well.  Yes, she has a great voice and probably in many ways, the best host.  Very professional. She has very pretty hair.  Very thick and well styled. 

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I'm not sure why they feel the need to pair hosts? On the longer shows I understand it helps the hosts not have to talk for hours on end. But I also don't think the long shows are needed. 
I just feel I need to say that the worst pairing recently is Leigh and Shawn. Why put these two together? They are opposites and it's hard to watch. I have started "watch" with the mute on.


It's gotten to the point that only 4 vendors are presented (fashion). I guess they pay more to have their stuff presented 3-4 times a week. If I see Jane T. present the "Lexi" one more time...what about presenting some of the other lines. I also don't think we need the vendor representatives. The hosts don't let them say anything that helps.....


Oh well, I'll continue to tune in for certain brands but have found I don't order much anymore because of the shipping costs. There are so many other great brands out there with free shipping that I don't shop like I use to!

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With Leah and Shawn, you can be sure Shawn depends on Leah to do all the behind-the-scenes work.  Shawn is just along to entertain and make us love her quirky ways so we will purchase whatever she is extolling, in her own unique way.