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I have been examining this whole shopping thing recently esp. my own habits and really noticed all these increasingly high prices for poorer quality products made in China, not a fair trade partner by any means but that is another discussion.I used to be a clothing buyer years ago for a famous Fifth and in those days 90% of the vendors were American based employing millions in beautiful Southern and Eastern coast towns, cities, and states.Markup was app.50%,variable of course.I also know many waiters working in various Chinatowns in large cities and a close friend is a neurosurgeon, born in China, and now a taxpaying citizen here.All of them tell me horror stories about how the people are treated by the American vendors,including my doctor friend.Before any can say they now are coming out of grinding poverty,etc.,guess what-no.They are used and abused-also by Chinese vendors,never realized before that they were"poor", and the families are torn apart along with the farming traditions-many are committing suicide.Now all these vendors here are making mucho bucks-why else are they over there-and our people and country are losing our manufacturing base(too bad, they have to pay some lousy benefits here).With all the billions we spend on "stuff", isn't it about time we start flexing our buying power and demand products made here?If we change, they will be forced to change.And really, how much "stuff" do we really need?We can wait while they restructure here-not so hard.There are many websites the younger crowd tell me that are American based manufacturing from which to choose.I guess one yacht is not enough, some people need one in each color.Any thoughts?BUY AMERICAN!!!{#emotions_dlg.thumbup} are tenacious like bull!...