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I've been looking at the sales and hoping to get a couple bras .....  I stopped at Marshalls and Ross this weekend and just about every bra has foam cups!    The dept mgr I spoke to said "that's what women buy these days".    If that's all they offer, of course women buy them!


Personally, I really don't like how I look in the foam cups .... do you like them?

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I have never bought a bra with foam cups, not one. I don't want any more there than what God gave me.

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I'm another who doesn't like foam cups.  I was thrilled to see that Kohl's had the Olga bra style that I like best on sale for $15 on Black Friday (it's normally over $40 and I had postponed buying bras for months because of that price!).  So I did no gift shopping but am very happy to have some support coming my way! Smiley Happy

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I hate foam cups, absolutely hate them!!  


I have a large bust and I also don't want to look like I have more than I do.  I would rather minimize than emphasize.  


I usually wear sports bras most days with a t-shirt and jeans or leggings.  They give me enough support and are comfortable.  I also have a couple of nice underwire minimizer bras to wear with dressier clothes when I need a different kind of support for a nice "line."  


I wear Genie bras a lot too around the house.  So comfy.  I don't care about uniboobs.  I couldn't care less.  


Interestingly, Genies come with foam cups, LOL.  I throw those away immediately.  Smiley Happy

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I actually like a bra with foam or shaped cups.  I get them for the modesty feature.  No one needs to know if I'm "cold".

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i haven't been bra shopping in a few months, but i don't ever remember seeing foam cups.  i wouldn't care for them at all.

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No, I don't like the way I look in foam cups. Since my Wacoal tee racer-back is net, here is what I do.


these extremely thin and comfortable inserts are called "DiMrs. Maybe spendy  but oh so worth it

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Hate them.  I have enough without foam adding to it!!!

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@Micromom wrote:

I actually like a bra with foam or shaped cups.  I get them for the modesty feature.  No one needs to know if I'm "cold".

ROFL - you beat me to it!


Funny story (to me, I try to look for humor in EVERYTHING), after my mastectomy before I was properly fitted with a prothesis/bra, I wore my foam cup bras and announced "Now I know the true meaning of 'stick a sock in it'."


As an aside, my newer bras were/are thinner and I didn't have that "modesty" problem afterwards with my "survivor".  Perhaps getting bras professionally fitted helps?

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"Tee shirt" bras are so named because they show no seams or "headlights" when you wear them.  Foam cups are another name as are "molded cups".  Personally, most women I have seen in other bras have "headlights".  Not a good look at all.