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You know, when I first saw them online, I thought those prints looked quite ridiculous. 


But I'm watching a presentation now and I have to say, I think the models all look very nice in them.  Especially the black & red paisley, and the black & white swirl ones.  It makes a difference how you wear it I guess.  Plain, slim pants or jeans may make it all work.  No necklaces, and keep everything else very, very simple. 


Except for the one that's animal print and large florals -- that mash-up just won't fly. 

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@cherry wrote:

I don't own any LK, but I did see a paisley turtle neck that was part of the TS that I thought was really pretty. I was tempted, but  I have been on a buying binge, so I resisted

@cherry I own a lot of her liquid knit and I love it.  The fabric is substantial and not paper thin and it doesn't cling to every lump, bump, and crany.  I get compliments every time I wear her clothes.  She's just as good as anything that Bob Mackie puts out.  These two designers in my opinion are the best that the Q has.  

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I ordered the fuschia/floral top because I love both florals and animal prints.  Seeing these two prints combined, I just couldn't resist, even though I usually don't wear any turtlenecks.  Liked the black & white swirl, but the others not so much.  


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@skuggles wrote:

@DottyPS I just checked those etro tops out. They are very nice. Many made of cotton or silk. The most obvious thing I noticed about them is the expert attention paid to the placement of the printed pieces. That placement really is the telltale sign of a better quality, not just he silk or cotton use.They truly are gorgeous. Sometimes Susan really gets this right with her prints, but more often than not, they look as if thrown together by amateurs, even when the prints are not so loud, and even when the overall design in terms of cut can be very well done, if only on a portion of the shipment, since fit and sizing can be all over the place it seems at times. The Etro embellished suede jacket is so pretty!!!


I agree that her line for the most part is getting better every year.

@skuggles, I guess my eyes aren't working well this morning because I'm not really seeing the similarity between those Etro tops and the SG tops.  Outside of the fact that they are prints, I'm not getting where they look alike, certainly not nearly identical?????

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I don't like the really busy prints that just get everyone's attention.I don't think they can stay in your closet season after season. 

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Waaaaay too busy a print.  Smiley Surprised

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If you go to Recently Aired Items, the midnight airing of the TSV, there is one review which only gave it one star.  Of course we can't read it!  

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@Secretariat1 wrote:

These prints are hideous! I would expect to find this kind of thing on the racks in Walmart. Sorry SG, but these are just ugly.


I'm in Walmart pretty often...don't see anything like that there. Don't see anything like those prints anywhere..eeeesh.  Ive purchased some cute tops at Wally and always buy my Lee jeans there.

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The turquoise/camo print is ugly for sure! I do like two of the prints, but not a huge fan of stretchy poly material. 

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@Caaareful Shopper  - i agree with you on the two best prints out of the lot.  Also,that the half animal print and half large rose floral is just about as KOOKY CRAZY as you can get.  


Comparing that top to something you would find in Walmart is an insult to Walmart.  But then.... to each her own.