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This was my first B.Mackowsky bag purchase, except for a very small one I got a few years ago. This one was only $136 something, and had 5 easy pays. I thought "I can do that" ..... I loved one of their colors - the raspberry.

Well, it came yesterday and I'm disappointed, to say the least. If you check the picture on line it has a piece of metal on both sides of the front - well the one side drapes down and the other side goes up! I've tried my best to turn it, but it's attached that way. Plus, the leather does not feel this squishy soft that I expected, and it's made in China.

I think this will be my last purchase from B.Mackowsky. I'm keeping it because I really like the color, but needless to say, I'm very disappointed in the quality.

I had to return a down coat about a month ago because the zipper was broken and it had a nasty musty smell. I think the Q's quality has really gone down here of late. I guess I'll stick with my old favs. - L.L.Bean, Orvis and Lands End.