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I have far, far less. I have often spoken on this forum that back in 1974 I read an article in a Vogue supplemental book how French women have very small closets and few clothes but are some of the best dressed women in the world. They have a well curated wardrobe where everything works together. Quality over quantity. I live by that adage to this day 48 years later.


Good for you! I've heard the same thing about French women. I have watched a few videos about that and about minimal wardrobes. I understand and practice mixing and matching to make lots of outfits. I guess I just prefer more variety so things don't look too much "the same". 

In my defense, I have a lot less than I used to have. At one time I needed 3 of those portable assemble yourself closet things in my basement along with multiple large bins.  Now, everything for all seasons is in one closet and 2 dressers in my bedroom. So, I have made progress in downsizing my wardrobe. 

You always look wonderful @wilma . Don't forget, I am retired. When I was working, I needed more than I do now. 🌺

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I find this very interesting and fun to read...I'd have to say I'm above average...partly because of where I live and the need to have lots of different outerwear and boots for the four seasons...and partly just because I like to have lots of options.


I need a 4 season wardrobe too. That definitely makes a difference. And, yes, I like options too. That's why I have so many things to wear on top. I have lots of choices of variety in tops to wear with the same pants and skirts. 

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@wilmaYou're always look perfect in your clothing choices.  I love your style and it's my style too whenever I get dressed.  Now that I'm retired, however,  I wear mostly T-shirts and jeans on a regular basis.  But I do enjoy dressing up once in a while.

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Probably more. I have a lot I don't wear any more. I've had body change issues from surgeries and now I look for different types of blouses that camoflage. So I tend to hoard them when I find them. I also have a bunch of pants that one would wear to work and I no longer work. I was thinking maybe time to donate to the thrift store. The last time I wore one pair, I noticed it was out of style. Perhaps that should not matter. I went to lunch with two friends recently and noticed they both wore out of style garments and were "dressed up". 

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I am an overachiever; way above averageSmiley Wink

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More, much more!   


The only thing I ever counted was shoes and turtleneck shirts.  Just those items add up to more than 150. 



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You always look wonderful @wilma . Don't forget, I am retired. When I was working, I needed more than I do now. 🌺



Thank you for the compliment. I did retire a few years ago, but I kept some of my work clothes for church and when I need or want to dress up. I think the area I could cut back on most easily would be tops and sweaters. I have way too many of those. 


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I have more than that average but that is changing as my life changes.  When I was younger and working full time, I had clothes  for specific facets of my life.  I had clothes that I only wore to work.  I had clothes that I wore "out" and for specific social activities.  I had clothes for working out, sports and hiking.   Then there are the kicking around at home, cleaning, yard work and playing with the dogs clothes.   Shoes had the same rules.  Things are different now in my life, I am not as socially active and participating in tennis, snow skiing and sports.  My clothes are making the same transition and I need less.  How people dress has changed and I am changing as well.  It is time to pare down.  I  don't think there is a "one fits all" rule of dressing.

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I never thought my wardrobe was huge compared to a lot of people I know but it is definitely higher that the U.S. average.  

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