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We no longer go to parties and there are just 3 adult family here so a QF embellished shirt  is my holiday wear.

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I don't hand wash either!!!  I used to believe all that stuff when I was young.  Not any more.  I think they use these instructions because a lot of people might just toss things in with the rest of their load and maybe use hot water and then dry.  Then they would be getting all kinds of complaints --- the item shrunk up or didn't come out looking good.  I use delicate cycle a lot or simply - as others have posted -- turn inside out -- and/or use a lingerie bag or old pillow case.  Then, I hang or lay flat.  


Same thing with dry cleaning.  Many things can be washed in cold with Woolite and hung.  A common sense thing prevails.  If it's a very expensive garment and/or has lining, then, of course, I send to dry cleaning.  

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@blueskys  First let me say congrats on your retirement!  I hope you're enjoying your more lazed days.


Don't hand wash your dream jeannes, just not necessary.  I do mine with the rest of my laundry, no babying here.  I don't dry them however, I don't dry any of my jeans, jeggings, leggings etc.  Don't worry about the heart sparkles either although you may lose a few somewhere along the line, I know I have but who cares.


Anyway, sounds like you're doing what I did a couple of years ago with your new dress code.  I too like to still look nice, enjoy what I wear but it sure is different now that I'm just hanging with not much going on.

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Try turning your jeans inside out and wash them on a cool gentle cycle. I never hand wash jeans.


Put them in a cool cycle in the dryer to get most of the water out if you want to hang them up to dry. But I find that if you put them in the dryer for at least an hour that will take out a lot of the moisture so you don't need to hang them for long.