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As-Is item ..... back ordered?

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Really odd.


Yesterday I ordered two as-is items from the lunchtime specials and I could swear it said "preparing your order" late yesterday.


Just went to check somethng on their measurements and the items are "sold out" and the orders are marked "back ordered."


How do you back order "as-is"?   Something "doesn't compute."




ETA:  I've cancelled - not worth waiting.

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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

Not much does these days!

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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

if they cancel your order...they have to refund you right away...

if they place it on back order...they can hold onto your money a little longerSmiley LOL

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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

I’m guessing Q oversold the item and are waiting to see if people cancel or return.
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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

@ALRATIBA - I recently ordered two "As Is" items that weren't lunchtime specials, just in the normal "As Is" listings.


Both items went back and forth between "in process" to "backorder", over and over again for weeks until I finally cancelled them.


Whenever I clicked on the item number it said "sold out" (both in the "As Is" and new stock inventory), so it seemed highly unlikely they were ever going to get any more.  These were clothing items, so would I even want them, if they managed to dredge them up from somewhere?


Right now I'm waiting for a pair of shoes that I ordered on the 15th and they still say "processing your order".  Things are just crazy now.

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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

@ALRATIBA I recently order a JAI as-is item that went to back order.  The order was canceled shortly after that.

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Re: As-Is item ..... back ordered?

I understood that you didn't get charged until the backorder actually ships. They say that on TV.