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I always check AS IS and BLOWOUT CLEARANCE when an item is out in my size and or color.  I've gotten some nice deals, but the best have been on LUNCHTIME SPECIALS.

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@mdmc. I purchased a sweater a few years ago that was an "as is".  There was a very noticable pull on the front, probably from the model's necklace.  

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I don't buy "as is" clothing.  With the return policy, a person could have worn it a half dozen times before returning it.  That makes it used clothing and they don't take enough off the price.  Surely you don't think all of it is returned clothing that shoppers just tried on for a few minutes.  Once, years ago, I did buy an "as is" jacket.  There was a balled up lipstick smeared tissue in the pocket.  Disgusting.

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Thank you everyone. I did buy an "as is " clothing item and I'm very happy with it.  I figured when I go to the store and buy an item I never know how many tried it on before me or if it was a return. I always wash new clothes when I get them home so it didn't really matter if it was tried on or worn by the models. I will look at as is from now on. 

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I purchased as is clothing. It comes nicely packaged, sometimes with tags & looks new.  I always wash it. Never returned anything.