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I'm thinking about getting some arm sleeves to make it look like I'm wearing layers without adding bulk. I'm picturing snug and no sheen to it. Has anyone here bought some? If so, where did you get them, what brand, how much were they and how did you like them? tia

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i wear them for golf 


look on amaz for

Cooling Shawl Arm Sleeve Sun Protection


I think the brands are all the same but run small

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Lots out there in sporting stores and can also find some just for sun protection.


Just for me, they always feel somewhat odd.  Not a fan.

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I have some for working out in the yard, especially trimming the hollies for protection.  Lots of that sort on Amazon.  No reason they can't be worn in the way OP mentioned.  Just read the comments concerning fit.  You don't want something you're continually having to pull up, althought can probably be easily fixed if you have rudimentary sewing skills.  Too tight could be more of a problem.  

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@ThinkingOutLoud.  For 3ven more fun, have you seen the sheer ones that look like your arms are covered with tattoos?  You'd amaze friends and family member if you'd wear them to the next reunion.

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Check out the Halftee website.  Shophq also sells them.  

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Never heard of this phenomonen before....