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I love structured jackets with jeans and a t shirt.  

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Even though it's too hot here most of the year to wear a blazer...........I don't feel "dressed" without a 3-piece outfit, even if it's just a shrug, or shoulder- covering big loose scarf.

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@DiAnne wrote:

I love structured jackets with jeans and a t shirt.  

Me too...........The other day I wore a dark demim jean, white tee, loafers with socks and my Pendalton blue blazer. 

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Structured blazers never went out of style and never will go out of style but don't fool yourself.  Blazers from 20 or 25 years ago are indeed dated because while a blazer is a blazer....the fit most definitely does change.  Just look a Law and Order episode from 1997 and you will see what I am talking about.  The blazers from back in the day were longer, fuller, the shoulders were more pronounced, the lapels were bigger.  They are out of style today.

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@sunshine45 wrote:

i dont wear them, but i believe structured blazers are never out of style.


i am loving the cape/blazer style though. there was a GILI version the other night that was gorgeous.$uspdlarge$


     I love that, I don't know if I could carry it off but that style was very popular last spring/summer.

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@chrystaltree.....the Dialogue cashmere blazer is more structured....but does not button....he shoulders are are pronounced....the other blazers I have are not as structured.

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I sure hope not because I wore my old Talbots navy blue wool flannel blazer with my jeans to work yesterday. 

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What are you pairing the jackets with? It' might be time to look at your pants, skirts, or dresses to see what you want to pair your jackets with to see if you can make them pleasing to your eyes so that they don't seem "off". Otherwise why not put them in a garment bag after you try them on, pin a label with the date you tried them on and how you felt about the jackets, put them away, and then take them out a year from now to see if you still want them.