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Re: Are pants too tight when they grab and don't fit smoothly?

To me, there is a difference between pants that are too tight and pull across the rear and thighs, and those that are designed to fit close to the body, like leggings and skinny jeans. When it looks like the seams are about to pop open, the garment is TOO TIGHT!! I've noticed lately on QVC that some of the newer models are wearing the wrong size. The pant seams look like they are going to split open, and the tops - if it has buttons - stretches across the chest and looks like it is going to pop open. There is one model who claims to be a size MEDIUM - clearly every top she wears is 2 sizes too small. I wish QVC had someone back stage who makes sure the model is wearing the correct size, and not just the size they would like to be. (Or if they have a person doing this, that person isn't doing a very good job!) Wearing clothes too small or too tight is never attractive. When the job is to sell the product, put the correct sizes on the models and the garment will look so much better.