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This line is sitting quietly on HSN with no presentations. It's pretty sensational. very unique statement pieces. Think Free People but on steroids! Pricey too. 

I know it won't be everyone's cup of tea but it's definitely worth a looksee



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All of them are a no for me. 

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Made me go look, lol. I’m a huge fan of prints and like some of these. They’re out of my price range but always fun to look, thanks for pointing them out. 

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have definitely seen some items that i liked from this line over the past year. i dont think i have ever seen it presented.

i am wondering how their items fit.......i am particularly interested in the kimonos and in the tanks.

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I love the boucle jacket!  But the rest is not really my style.


I've seen Aratta on Anthropologie's website as well.  The collection there reminds me a little of Tolani here on QVC (a lot of pretty mixed print kimonos).

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Love most of these!

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I like the jacket @Andreatoo


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This reminds me of a cross between Johnny Was and Soft Surroundings type of clothing.


Not my style either, but may appeal to some with a leaning towards Bohemian flair.

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@Andreatoo  ..  I  just checked out the HSN website.   There are only a few pieces I like.   But I wouldn't pay those prices for any of them.   

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I like the tweed jacket too.  I really cannot pull off those long flowy things, though I would like to but I am only 5'4" and can look overwhelmed in them.   Like that oversized long sweater, the model doesn't look nice in that, IMO.