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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

Totally agree.  I am 5’2 and a M in CD and a small Petite in Anybody.


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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

@jannabelle1   I'm so sorry!!!!

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

Hmm..  they are OK.  I've only purchased a few items and they seem OK just not something I like to wear any place other than for lounging at home.  They all look like big pajamas to me, and I don't care for that look.  The ones I do have are really soft and comfortable, and do wash up nice. 

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

My daughter in law loves this brand. She's petite and curvy and they fit her. I always purchased an outfit for her for every birthday, mom's day and Christmas.


I like the Anybody brand for myself. It's very similar to Cuddle Duds but the styles are more what I like for me.   

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

I LOVE them.


The fleece pills, but it's so soft and cozy that I don't care. I just use a Gleener fuzz remover over the pills.


Their fabrics are all so soft and cuddly. I'm sad that I live in Texas, where it's still in the 90s every day, and I haven't been able to wear all my cozy wraps and PJs at all. When it's cold, I love to wear the fleece on the couch while I watch TV or work on the computer. I either wear the fleecewear PJs as lounge wear (they're too hot for sleeping most nights where I live) or the fleecewear wraps/cardigans.

I also have their cozy jersey pajamas and they are also very soft, comfortable, and cooler than their fleecewear pajamas, so I get more use out of those.

I have some of their lighter tops and wraps, as well.

Some of that also pills, but the Gleener works well on those, too.

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

@MalteseMomma wrote:



I  totally live in both CuddlDuds and Anybody and have been for 2 yrs now. 


I wash them in my machine and dry them in my dryer  even on HOT many times..I take no special care of any of them. and they look as good as the day I bought them <3

They wash like a dream.I hang them up as soon as i take them out of the dryer.


I wear a med in CuddleDuds and  a small in Anybody.

I have not tried these brands, but your post inspired me to give them a try😊



~~~All we need is LOVE💖.

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

I love Cuddl Duds.  It is soft, comfortable, wears like iron, I have never had any shrinkage or pilling at all.  

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

I love Cuddl Duds for base layering in cold weather. In other words I prefer the brand used in its original form as underwear.  I like the Fleecewear and silky feeling Comfortwear items.  Kohl's has good selection of Cuddl Dud items and I often patronize their website to make my purchases.  The Fleecewear items can be worn as clothes and I have worn the leggings and long sleeve top under a tunic sweater from time to time.  I am not a big fan of the wraps.  I do have one from QVC which is in the fleecewear fabric and it's held up pretty well.  My wrap is from the first season QVC began selling Cuddl Duds in hour shows so it must be 4 years old now.  It's looking a bit pilled and worse for wear, but I wear it around the house when it's chilly. It's great for throwing on to take out garbage and recycling in cool/cold weather.

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

Love, love this brand. I live in Florida where its always hot. Come January, I wear my Cuddle Duds to cozy up. I've washed them a million times and no pilling. Not sure I'd wear them outside, however, I have on occassion when its chilly.

Plus, Love the price!

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Re: Anyone like Cuddle Duds?

Here's what It hink; I like the styles of them, but not the materials. Their open front hoodie is nice, but pills after one washing. I just purchased the velvet wrap; cute, but the shedding is ridiculous! I've washed it twice, and had it in the dryer trying to get the velvet sloughed off so that it won't create velvet pill balls on my clothing. It sheds like crazy. The concepts are good, but their material quality needs to be upgraded. Hence, some of the bad reviews.