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I have been the last few days, big time yesterday.  Got rid of a bunch of knit pants, leggings, jeggings that I can't wear anymore, too tight, as well a bunch of tops I don't wear anymore.  Filled 4 big trash bags full of stuff. Kidney Found will be here Tuesday to make a collection. 


I really still need to go through boots (talls) that I no longer wear, tons of jackets I don't need, some outer coats I no longer need nor wear, some skirts & dresses too.  I went through sandals & shoes not long ago but need to do this again too. 


What a clothes hound I am or was when I worked.  Now that I'm retired I don't need most of this stuff anymore.  It's really quite sad, money I've spent on clothes.  I could be a millionaire or maybe I thought I was.

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@dperry wrote:

Thanks for your reply! I think that we are going through the same thing with our styles--mine is confused.! I am slowly giving up Talbots because their clothes are cut for more of a straight figure and I am a curvy 4-6petite with 34 C+ boobs. Most of Talbots' tops are too short and I prefer them longer, which is why I love JJill now. I look so much better in JJill clothes than I ever did in Talbots clothes, but I still have lots of Talbot tops left. 


And the shoes observation is spot on. I am 50 and have very thin boney fit so I need tons of padding. I can't wear most brands anymore. I have found that SAS shoes and Clarks shoes are better for my feet, but they are not the most stylish.


Part of my issues that I am getting older and I feel more comfortable in my own skin so I am choosing comfort over trendy styles. I loettve JJill styles because they are both classic and modern and the colors are so much better for my skintone and preferred color palette of soft summer. Eileen Fisher has some great clothes, but I can only afford a few things a year so I will be judicious about what I choose. The three items that I bought this month were from the EF outlet store here in Maryland. That is the only way I can afford her clothes. But her clothes are similar in some ways to JJill so those two lines will look great together. 

Can you share your thoughts?

I rarely pay full price for EF.

Believe it or not Neiman Marcus has lots of mark downs and not just out of season items. If you look at the Neiman Marcus main site and search sale or clearance you can find high quality items at reduced prices including free shipping both ways. Next go to Neiman Marcus LAST CALL. This site has deeper discounts. By the way, lots of Oryany here too. 


JJill has 25% off entire order going on now. Shipping is high.

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Ah, the closet purge. I have procrastinated in getting to this for long enough, I suppose. I think I will be starting to work on this either this week or next, for sure. I have not done a serious purge in almost 4 years now, just tossing or donating an item or two several times. It's overdue.
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As a matter of fact, that's exactly what I'm doing today.  I bought 100 clutter free hangers, and I am purging as I switch over.  So far, I've rid myself of half a dozen cardigans, half a dozen tank tops, several tops and blouses, three pairs of capris, two sweatshirts and a pair of jeans.  If I haven't worn them since the last time I purged, out they go.  Some things I have worn, but I'm either just tired of them or didn't enjoy wearing them.  I recently lost 25 lbs., so in addition to buying new clothes, I was able to fit back into a lot of my old things.  I'm not finished yet, but I've been on kind of a summer hiatus, lol.  I haven't regained any, but I haven't lost since June.  So back to watching what I eat more and back on track to an additional 20 lbs.  Then I will purge again.  I always call my older sister to go through my things before I donate.  Whatever she doesn't want goes to Salvation Army. 

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Re: Anyone closet purging?

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I've never really called it purging; it is always a happy event for me! 


When I started losing weight a few years ago I finally had to take everything out of my closet & drawers to separate the too big, still too small, and fits now items. I was having a horrible time finding clothes that fit when I was getting dressed!


I'm not sure how many times my wardrobe has been completely replaced over the last few years. For a few years I kept a bag in the corner of my bedroom to stick clothes that needed to go to consignment in. I'd also donate some every few months. I don't need to donate that often these days. When things are not getting used they get donated, taken to consignment, or tossed if not in good condition. I've got a couple pairs of high quality athletic shoes that are going to be donated on my next trip - top of the line Nikes and barely used Brooks. 


Now I work at keeping my closet current and well-organized. I've always been picky about what I buy and I'm fortunate not to be an impulse shopper so I don't have many things that don't get used.

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I purge during the season as I go through tops and no longer "love" something.  I keep a bag in the laundry room.  Before the season starts, I'll consign or donate.


If I don't LOVE it, I won't wear it!


I don't do "good buys" anymore.  A good buy gets put up for future use that never presents itself.

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Just back to add that after I posted on this thread this morning, I did eliminate 6 items from my closet. It's a start, lol.My 2 daughters and I are all really close in size, so these items were things I no longer wanted and they liked them, so they now have them. Win/win!
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Not yet, but I'm mentally envisioning my red-orange tee with a row of small pumpkins across the front.  Whatever happened to it?  Could it possibly be 'sticky fingers' (and not mine)?  I'll have to take a look in a couple of stored bins.  Or buy a new one!  Maybe Quacker.

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Within the next couple of weeks I will remove everything from my closets. Other than items which I have recently purchased as new for fall or end of summer sale, each item (including accessories and underwear) will be reviewed before being allowed to enter the hallowed walls of my closet again.  I do this at least twice a year.  Throughout the year I keep a bag in the closet to gather items I know for sure I don't want.  


I'll end up with two piles: one for donating and one for garbage.  I don't donate anything being tossed because I feel it's worn out.  Donation clothes are items which still look good enough to have a secondhand life.  

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All this talk of closet purging got me working on some more house purging today.  I wish i was as ruthless with my clothing as some of you.   I have a hard time saying goodbye to things I know I haven't worn in a few years.