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Thanks for your reply! I think that we are going through the same thing with our styles--mine is confused.! I am slowly giving up Talbots because their clothes are cut for more of a straight figure and I am a curvy 4-6petite with 34 C+ boobs. Most of Talbots' tops are too short and I prefer them longer, which is why I love JJill now. I look so much better in JJill clothes than I ever did in Talbots clothes, but I still have lots of Talbot tops left. 


And the shoes observation is spot on. I am 50 and have very thin boney fit so I need tons of padding. I can't wear most brands anymore. I have found that SAS shoes and Clarks shoes are better for my feet, but they are not the most stylish.


Part of my issues that I am getting older and I feel more comfortable in my own skin so I am choosing comfort over trendy styles. I loettve JJill styles because they are both classic and modern and the colors are so much better for my skintone and preferred color palette of soft summer. Eileen Fisher has some great clothes, but I can only afford a few things a year so I will be judicious about what I choose. The three items that I bought this month were from the EF outlet store here in Maryland. That is the only way I can afford her clothes. But her clothes are similar in some ways to JJill so those two lines will look great together. 

Can you share your thoughts?

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I just did a purge of my house.  Some clothing and shoes went but I still have too much.  I got rid of a lot of sporting goods, some housewares and a small piece of furniture.  Also some books i never got around to reading and finally admitted I won't be reading in the future.


I cleaned out my skin care stuff last year and have done well keeping my purchases to a minimum.  I find I'm buying less of everything now, including clothing.


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Gosh ladies - you sound like you are doing just fine in the purging department.  WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!Smiley Wink

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I purge my closet every fall as soon as we get home. It's a great feeling to know that every single item is in good condition, clean,mended and ready to be worn, and fits perfectly.It's so much less stress to get dressed when you know you can chose from everything in there.

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I'm getting rid of boots and tops from One World with the tags still on them that I bought 3 years ago.

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I have two closets that I have to go thru.  I normally do it twice a year.  I did not get it done last spring.  Or last winter so there are some major changes going to take place within the next few weeks to my closets.


I did do my Hubby's though this spring.  He never even knows what he has or what I got rid of.  Two big bags of clothes end up by the front door. I ask him, "Can you take these bags they need to be dropped of at good will".


Never once in 27 years, has he ever missed something. 

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I regularly clean out my closet so the task is not so overwhelming but I also purge when I change clothes from season to season. I haven't put away my summer things yet as we've had some warm weather in September but I'll definitely be looking at both summer and winter clothes when I move clothes around.


I did get rid of some shoes earlier this year. My forefoot got wider in the last year and so there are some shoes that I couldn't wear as they were too tight.


I went through my makeup and purged some mascaras and lipsticks today.

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I guess this time of year has most people purging and organizing. I lost 45 lbs about a year ago and had to do a major purge of course. It's been fun building a new wardrobe. It also gave me a chance to change up my style.


I was mostly a jeans and tee shirt type gal but decided it was time to start being more adventurous and sophisticated in my style. I think the desire was always there but when I was overweight I was just happy if something covered me and didn't make me look heavier. So now most everything in my closet fits, is in good repair and I would actually wear it.


I coordinated my clothes by color and since we live in a 90 year old home, the closets are tiny so I changed a spare room into my dressing room. The room is complete with clothing and shoe racks, a full length mirror, a wall rack for my many sunglasses and hats, a day bed and a dressing table for my cosmetics and hair care. It's my sanctuary and when girlfriends come over we hang out in there! 


About this same time I started having foot issues and realized I had to buy shoes with support and lower heels. I donated over 25 pairs of shoes and am now having s rather good time replacing them. 


It feels so good to be organized, I know what I have and it looks gorgeous in there, I painted the walls lilac. It's like the man cave concept for ladies lol.

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Did a big purge at the start of summer and am doing more as we get ready to step into fall/winter clothes. As I put away my summer tops, if I didn't wear it at least once this year, it's gone. Am doing the same with fall/winter tops as they go into rotation to wear. I went through my pants last week. I retired from working part-time at the library to now just doing on-call or fill-in for them for vacations, so I just don't need a lot of nicer clothing (there are only so many pair of black pants that you need). It's very liberating to have everything hanging in your closet be easily visible, have it fit, have it make you feel good, and have it match to at least 2 other pieces. That's my goal by the end of the year.

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Way to go on the weight loss!Woman Very Happy That's great you can still wear some things in your closet and save some money in the meantime. Things in my closet are color-categorized, too. So much easier to find stuff.Woman Happy