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I purged some items from my closet this week. The approaching change in seasons got me in the mood. By the time I finished the box had warm weather and winter items in it.


Here is the list...

2 Dresses - one was a very old wrap dress and the other was a too tight sheath

4 Pairs of shoes - one pair of sandals that I rarely wear, one pair of uncomfortable heels, and 2 pairs often worn and falling apart 

Several tops - a few were worn; others just not loving anymore

A few pairs of gloves, a few scarves, & winter hats.

I also decided to part with a few cardigans (I have way too many) that I rarely wear. 


Anyone else purging? 


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Funny you should mention it, I'm starting to.

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I purged earlier in the summer.  I was becoming a clothes hoarder.  I moved out quite a bit of clothing.  My closet is spacious now.  It was so liberating.  I don't miss any of it.

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I did a few weeks ago.  I hadn't worn them in a while and didn't think I would miss them if I got rid of them.   I could probably get rid of a few more.  I like to do that every so often because going through everything is just too overwhelming.   Lol

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I think the change of seasons is the perfect time to purge your closets.  I have so many empty totes now that were stuffed with items I never wore - just kept putting them back in the tote until I realized I would never wear those items again.   

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I'm going to do it soon.  I've bought a few things for fall lately and am having to stuff them in my closet.  I've got a lot of clothes that I could get rid of.

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I'm getting rid of some of my sterling silver too.  I was thinking about that this morning.  Nothing 'designer' but nice pieces I bought from the Q back when the Q sold afforable well made sterling silver pieces.  

There are many elements: wind, fire, water
But none quite like the element of surprise
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Got lots of stuff to get rid of.  But when I look all of a sudden the items become my best friends,.. and I MIGHT WEAR IT.  oH WELL, a girl can dream.



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Yes !   And not replacing it with new.


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I changed my closet last week ... tossed some summer things that were getting to look a bit too "used."


I did a major purge last year and I have a moritorium on buying anything new (other than essentials) until I get rid of some more stuff.