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"Chel's Clothes Closet" sounded so familiar to me so I googled it and it looks like there is an ebay store as well. That's where I have seen it before. I've even bought some things from that ebay store....D&C as a matter of fact.  Can this get any stranger??

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Chel's Clothes Closet is probably buying pallets of returned or left over goods either from QVC or a distributor/manufacturer and reselling them like they do on Amazon.  I suspect Zulily gets some of this clothing also.  I didn't know Sears was into that sort of thing though. 

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There's an eBay seller called Chel's Clothes Closet who sells QVC overstocks and returns at very attractive prices.
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yes, i have bought items from CHELS CLOTHES CLOSET on ebay......not denim and company pieces though.


they are a "preferred marketplace seller" on the sears website. probably similar to what walmart does or what amazon does.....a third party seller via the sears website.


Preferred Sellers

Sears is proud to recommend our Preferred Sellers. These sellers have earned our trust by providing superior value, quality products, timely delivery and great customer service.

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Looks nice, but, not $60 nice. JMO.