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Anybody Pajamas!

Just watching the anybody pajama presentation, it looks like qvc didn't care how many complaints there was over the waist twisting on these they made them the same way they did last year. I have four pair that I have worn alot but everytime I put them on I fight with the twisted waist. The pajamas are very nice OTHER than the waist! Just had to vent! 


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Re: Anybody Pajamas!

That fact must not bother people because I tried to order the coffee one and it's on waitlist. Glad I read your post, the twisting waist band is a deal breaker for me.

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Re: Anybody Pajamas!

I really like/liked the tsv cuddl duds from last year - the design of the pants especially. I know many of us complained about the style of the top but I do enjoy earing both prs I have with a shirt underneath. I do like more warmth around my neck but these are okay.


The style of these pants works - a nicer better looking slimmer leg but not at all too slim, a nice amt of elastic to keep them close & down, and the waistband is great - good elastic the stays put.


I also like the fleece. I also know some say it pills and mine have a little but not enough to bother.

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Re: Anybody Pajamas!

I have read the reviews on these and saw that complaint pop up quite a bit and I don’t doubt that it could happen but...


Last season I bought six pairs of these...two for me and four for gifts.  My daughter in law, granddaughters and I haven’t had this problem and my sister was so in love with them that she bought herself three more pair.