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Bought my first pair last summer. Collen ,The List, has some in her show tonight

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I like canvas shoes a lot. They are comfortable, and many of the styles are cute.  


I like Tom's brand, but I like Skechers Bobs, too. The Bobs have more built in support for feet. 

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I have extra wide feet genetically and now I have heel spurs and need arch support so I'm out-Smiley Happy I do think they're cute though and would have a pair if I could.

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I don't care for that style but I hope you enjoy!

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Very beautiful!  I love my Toms!  I have 3 pairs and figure since I don't have many shoes I need to quit looking at more Toms.  Smiley Very Happy


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@ECBG wrote:

I don't care for that style but I hope you enjoy!



I will!

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I loved the wedges that were on The List last night.  Very cute.


In case anyone doesn't know, for every pair of shoes Tom sells, they donate a pair to a child.  So far, since the company began, they have donated 50 million pair of shoes.  

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I don't own any, as I generally don't like super flat styles where the upper (vamp?) comes up too far on the top of my foot. However, I recently saw these and thought they were really cute (I am an espadrille lover) . . .



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Me to LD, those are super cute!!!  I bought my first pair or two, last summer.  Love them and what they do for children.

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I'm a fan of their mission statement; haven't tried the shoes yet.

Nice to know they have an antimicrobial insole as my feet get stinky if I don't wear leather!