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You would be so surprised at what you own and that other people would buy it... we sold a ""Hard Rock Cafe"" guitar souvenir pin... oh well...

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I believe the option for BUY It NOW with Immediate Payment is on the listing page when you set up your Listing. Once it's there, you can continue to use it (always look to see it's checked off because occasionally eBay will Default and change it)....

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The immediate payment feature is only available for upgraded accounts. I only sell a small number of items per month so it would not make sense for my needs.

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Thank you Q4U and melfie. It sounds like I wouldn't qualify for the immediate payment feature since you have to have an upgraded account.

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I forgot to mention, to those who are thinking about selling always check the feedback the buyer left for other sellers. You can spot troublemakers when the buyer has left mostly negative feedback for sellers. Beware of those people. They are out to scam you and cause trouble.

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I've been on ebay (selling and buying) since the beginning (way before Paypal) and things changed drastically when they made it so sellers can't give negative feedback to buyers. That was a big game changer. I don't think this is fair to honest sellers! It only benefits crook buyers trying to pull scams.

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I was so bummed by the ""make an offer"" deal I have not gone back to shop.

Product was listed at $9.99 and asked me to make an offer. I offered $7.50 and they countered w/$9.15. What is up w/ that?