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Re: Antonella's Pink MK Top 2/19

Why don't you go to  her Facebook and ask her? I don't know if she will answer you but I know every time I have a question for Marybeth Rowe she always answers back. 

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Re: Antonella's Pink MK Top 2/19

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In the olden days at my favorite stand-alone store on State Street in Chicago ... a magnificent edifice, by the way ... the Bridge and Designer floors housed all the upscale designer brands.   The sales associates  wore a different outfit for a particular brand each day ... St John, Ann Klein, Ellen Tracey were a few of my go-to favorites back then.   I loved seeing the designs on the associates (I knew them all on a first name basis, lol).  


They would recommend what would look best on my body type; and would call me when sales were coming, etc., and would "save" those things for me that I'd swooned over. The charge for alterations were minimal or free to long-time customers like me, too.


Well, I missed those days, but shopping has completely changed.


 I wouldn't want to wear most of Q's clothing if I didn't have to, either.  


Just musing about the past ... sigh.







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Re: Antonella's Pink MK Top 2/19

I have seen Amy and Katie wear a lot of QVC clothing.  In Amy's early days, she wore QVC clothing almost exclusively and it looked adorable on her and made me buy pieces that I might not have bought otherwise.  Admittedly, they did not look as good on me but nothing ever does.  Amy and Katie are especially attractive and wear their clothes with a lot of finese and style.