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I sure hope Martha stays with the Q.  I love some of her clothes.  This is a crew neck, 100% cotton with ribbed details.  Under each arm are ribbed details and at the neckline and hemline.  So cute. A370206.  Comes in 4 colors. $48.  You have to go to the item and magnify so you can see all the details.


Martha Stewart Crew-Neck Long-Sleeve Sweater with Ribbed Details - A370206

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Re: Another great top by Martha

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I looked at the top, liked it but as usual, the darkest color was sold out in most every size.  The lighter colors were all in stock.  That seems to be how it is even during the warmer months...the darker colors go first.  I wish the vendors would supply more of the darker hues in apparel because as rule, as least as far as I've determined, the darks go first.

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Re: Another great top by Martha

That looks like it might REALLY BE a crew neck. I find it's not easy to find a true crew neck, many are called by that name but turn out to be more lof a jewel neck. If only I wasn't such a shortie I'd go for that one in a couple of those pretty colors. 

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Re: Another great top by Martha

Her clothing is really nice. It's a casual look that is not at all sloppy.