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I can't be the only one who not only finds few LOGO items I would purchase (although not at these prices) but am seriously so tired of seeing one LOGO show after another all week long every week!  Come on Q, step up your game. You sell the ****** of 4 or 5 lines for 3 or 4 years until people can't stand to watch your programming anymore.  Maybe I'm the odd one but I so seldom watch anymore and every time I turn it on there's LOGO again!

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I must admit... I couldn't agree more.  Smiley Sad

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Just walk on by and find something interesting in your life. I watched golf from 9 am to 6:30 pm today. Not a slave to the Q.

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I refuse to watch another LOGO. i think for the most part, the clothes are horrible,

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@JMILL wrote:

I refuse to watch another LOGO. i think for the most part, the clothes are horrible,

I totally agree.  How many ways can you do bag lady?

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I'll take Logo any day over gardening, computers/tablets, dyson anything, or x-mas in whatever month!!!

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Bring on matresses and the mixers, LOL.  Those might excite some, I would rather see LOGO



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I'm sure there are a lot of women like me who never watch the programming live on the Q, so your comment is a bit rude. We can definitely find other things to do or watch. That said, I do like to occasionally check to see what has been on the air to see if there just might be something I'm interested in, and normally there isn't because the choices offered are almost the same every day. I agree with other comments that continuous shows with Logo gets old. For those die-hard Logo fans, I'm sure they love it - for those of us that don't we simply get tired of the same old stuff every week.

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Don't just single out LOGO.  They do  all day of about 10 core products.  It is suan graver, HP, Dell,Cuisinart,Dooney, clarks,  kitchen aid,etc.  They sell nothing but these products it seems.  I quit watching years ago.  I find shopping online with them better for my lifestyle.  I actually get information about size, color, fit, measurements without all the amped up drama.


Logo joined the QVC family a while back like SG, and the like.  They sell the heck out of them.


There is a name for the type of marketing QVC does.  It is called narrow branding.  Former host Steve Bryant wrote a fabulous article about it.  The article is called "The brand Is The Thing".  Here is an excerpt from Steve's article!


The concept of narrow branding creates a “club” of customers who own certain products and then attempts to make everyone else want to join the club. TV shopping channels have long known the power of testimonial phone calls from satisfied users of certain products. The networks build huge ownership bases for certain products by offering them over and over again. This ensures that they’ll have a large number of customers who will call in to extol the product’s virtues. And those testimonial calls have always helped to sell products

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I totally agree. Don't like the uneven hanging clothing, but some do, so that's ok. But to watch the same old, same old shows over and over---ESPECIALLY the TSV that is presented every hour, is boring. Those who are new, don't know any better, but in the past glory days of QVC it wasn't like that.  They had people presenting new ideas from all 50 states, new products and didn't show the TSV over and over. And as mentioned in another thread, now we get all the loud, pushy hosts....especially Rick!  So I find myself not watching as much as I used to. Thus, not Buying as much as I used to. And the prices, now! Wow. Yes prices are rising, but the Q's prices are doubling. QVC will have to rely on new customers, because I will bet the loyal, old ones are tuning out.