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Bought my first pair of ankle pants in 2001 and have never really  looked back.  Although I have found a few pairs of full-length bottoms I can wear without adding tailoring to the price, ankle is my preferred length, although as I lose height, mine do come below the ankle.  What's good for me is that they do not break and puddle as most full length trousers do.   

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I'm 5'5" - and turned up a pair of pants to try out the look. 


I can't wear any shoes with a heel higher than 1.5" - and the pants looked best on me with my canvas ballet flat type shoes.  


Not a fan, and won't be buying any ankle pants.  When I'm in the mood - I can just turn up/under the pants that I already have.


Full length pants are my preferred length.  Basically - that's all I buy and wear.


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Re: Ankle Length Pants

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@LipstickDiva wrote:

I'm 5'4" tall and I love ankle pants that are slim at the ankle.  I've never understood the comments that they look like flood pants because they just don't IMO.  There is a big difference between ankle pants and pants that are just highwaters.  You can tell by looking at them if the pants are meant to be short or if they are highwaters. 


I wear ankle pants with various flats and wedges.        

Agreed. 5'1.5" here, love ankle pants. To the ankle, slim, "intentional." You sure can tell the difference. If they are high-waters on you, you just don't fit the length size they've offered. They are meant to go to the ankle. I too wear them with flats, pumps, wedge sandals.

What I've never liked on me, or really in general, are "crops"...they just look like they are cut off in the middle of the calf...I don't find them flattering, especially on shorter women like myself. I do like a capri or peddle pusher length, just below the knee, with maybe slits on the sides.. It's that middle of the calf length I don't like. Especially when they flare out...just no. Not flattering on anyone. imo.

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I am a true tall at 5'11"...everything is an ankle pant on me and the rise is always cut too short. Some brands account for being long waisted in their talls (Issac) as well and some do not.  But I do like them actually...except for a flare pant leg. I usually wear a flat but have worn a heel which throws me over 6ft.  Love ankle pants with a heel...

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My favorite ankle pants are the Slinky brand I bought from HSN before they stopped carrying the brand. I don't wear shoes with heels anymore, so it's ankle pants with flat sandals for me. I like the look, but I admit that I had to get used to them. If the pants hit above the ankle bone, they no longer have the look.

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I agree with @Texasmouse .  I would wear a wedge sandal or some cute, yet casual shoe.  Think Fly London, Earth, Dansco, or something similar that is a little more "modern".


See the source image

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At 5' 1/2" I love ankle pants.  They are regular length on me.  Not having to alter them is a plus for me.  

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@twinny70 they would be regular length for me too.  I like a little lift so I'd wear a wedge heel.

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@Junebug54    Ankle pants are all about showing a great looking shoe whether it is a flat, heel, wedge and that's why I think they are still popular; however, I would like to see a few full length pants for a change.  Try on different shoes and look in the mirror to see which you like best.

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Re: Ankle Length Pants

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@Sooner wrote:

I don't think there are any musts about pant length now.  I don't know where you really define crops, ankle, etc.


Try it on, if you like it and it feels good wear it!  If others don't like it, laugh at their distress and have fun! 



@Sooner   Good morning. I agree that each manufacturer has a different length/definition for a capri, ankle length or cropped pants. Some hit like pedal pushers, but called cropped. I love my ankle length pants because petite pants are too short in the rise for me, so they hit a bit below my ankle, but no hem required and less money involved. 


I find brands or stores that are consitant with length. Ann Taylor carries an ankle pant that's a perfect length for me.