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So nice! Happy news! I like Angel.

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Such wonderful happy news!
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I like Angel so much; she does a great job. Happy for her.

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Congrats happy for u both...hugs sally c!
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On 1/18/2015 Ms X said:

Congratulations, Angel and Glen. The happy couple from Angel's public FB page:

. ......just DIVINE.........
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Congrats and happiness to the both of you. 37 years for us this year. Wow how times flies.

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On 1/17/2015 ROMARY 1 said:

AdoreQVC: What a nice thought and beautiful cake!

Yes I agree the cake is lovely, but I copied and pasted it from the internet, and cannot take the credit for it, but agree with every word of the cake inscription, in addition to my other reply wishing them happiness.

I hope both Angel & Glen will be very happy together, and am very pleased they are sharing their engagement news, and photographs on the internet.