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I agree!! One of the reasons I considered ordering one was because if it looks good on a 1X, it should look good on a L/XL, right? I've never ordered a skort before, but I think it would be a great alternative to shorts. I'm between sizes though, so I never know what size to order. If you were sometimes a 16 (D&C), other times an 18 (Isaac and LCNY), would you order the L or XL? Thanks!

I have another thread going asking if QF runs large or not. I've been on the fence, too, and I've checked a lot of "bottoms" online. On many of them, the line "graph" shows that they run large. Several posters have also said the same thing, so I'm taking a chance and ordering the smaller size. You might want to check out what a few posters have said about QF sizing on that thread. Hope it helps!

Sharon said she takes her usual "XXs" {#emotions_dlg.tt1},

Great. Thanks, Sharon. {#emotions_dlg.mad}

I got my TSV and it is running small, need to return the normal size I take in the Dream jeannes

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I think Angel is hilarious at times. I have never bought anything from the line but I just tune in to watch her