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Re: Angel from Quacker Factory - Please!!!

Angel dear loved ombre sequen jackets ..would have bought sevaral colors except for one flaw...HOOD...these jackets would have been perfect for a little dressier party but for this hoodie have got to please make these styles without hoods....I do not need to look like a millenial..I like sparkly style in a sleek manner....Thank You darlin

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Re: Angel from Quacker Factory - Please!!!

@jetnjan- it's best when trying to reach a host or vendor to post a message on their Facebook pages or write your suggestion in the Suggestion Forum.  One of the mods might see it and forward it on.

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Re: Angel from Quacker Factory - Please!!!

I think Angel is one of the most descriptive and detailed vendors on Q.  Does she get a little silly sometimes?  sure, but that's why I like to watch QF shows.   


Also, the click-here measurements don't work for me.  Do they work for anybody?  Cuz, every time I think I have the perfect size and measurement for me, the item I ordered is either too big or too short or just lousy fabric and workmanship (and I'm not talking about QF clothing).  If some of you find the online measurements helpful, I'm happy for you.

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