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And Posters Complain abou the S/H on QVC?

Today I happened to be perusing the Boston Proper website. Imagine my surprise when I saw a top called a Crochet Salsa top which is identical to a MFT Top Colleen Lopez will have on her shows tomorrow. Colleen is calling her's the Cha Cha top. The only difference is the colors.

Anyhow, the HSN price is actually $1.00 more than the BP price so I'm not sure what is going on there but the s/h on the BP top is $12.95!!!!! That is for regular shipping, nothing expedited. I was floored when I saw that.

I know some of the s/h on Q is out of line and I still think they should combine orders to save on s/h but I also see so many people talking about the cheap s/h or free s/h from other sources and I'm just not seeing it. I see tons of expensive s/h unless i can find a coupon of some sort or spend X amount of dollars.