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An update from Maddiecat

Hi Ladies!


It's been WAY too long.  Forgive me for disappearing without a trace.  Life has taken several twists and turns!


I had to change jobs early last fall.  I am now working for a big-four accounting firm, although I am not an accountant!  I work in a creative division as a project manager.  My last job at a small graphic design firm ended after 19 years.  The two partners encouraged me to find something new, as business was on the decline.  I found the job I have now on LinkedIn.  It took a month of phone and in-person interviews to get an offer.  I had quite the adjustment period and went to work every day with knots in my stomach.  My hours are a little out of the ordinary (11:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.), M-F.  That was non-negotiable.  The good part is that I miss the traffic!  I eat lunch at my desk and work 9 hours or more every day.  Fortunately, I get paid OT along with my salary.  Benefits are decent.


I feel like I am good at my job and have the right background for it, but the job is high stress and high pressure.  I spend the majority of my day staring at three computer monitors.  I recently started working from home two days a week, and I do enjoy that.  I have to keep the same schedule at home, though.  The coworkers in my immediate group are nice and I have a sense of belonging.  We are starting busy season (March-end of May) and I've been told to expect even longer hours.  Ugh.


On a happier note, Sweetie proposed on Christmas Eve and we're getting married in June!  I can't believe I'm going to be a first-time bride at my age (almost 52).  My engagement ring is beautiful and features my mom's oval diamond from the ring my dad gave her for their 20th anniversary.


We are having a small destination wedding with 20 guests at a resort in California.  Fortunately, we have a wedding coordinator who is helping with the details.  With my work schedule, there's not a lot of time for planning!  I have bought a wedding dress, which will arrive in mid-May and will need only minimal alterations.  Now I'm on a quest to find shoes.


I will be putting my house on the market after we get married and will be moving to Sweetie's house.  It's larger and in a better neighborhood, and it's close to many of the places we enjoy.  Since my mortgage is paid off, we're planning to use some of the proceeds from my sale to do some remodeling at his house.  It's going to be strange sharing a house with a human, as I have only shared a place with cats since adulthood!  


I have missed being on these boards and hearing from all of you.  It is impossible to check in during the day and I'm usually too exhausted by the time I get home to even think about getting back on the computer!  Please know that I've missed you and hope to do a better job of checking in going forward.  Hugs, Maddie

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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Congratulations MaddieCat. Glad for ur upcoming wedding --- I never got married, wish I had. Unfortunately, jobs today are mostly stressful. Employers take advantage since they know there are more people looking for jobs - than there are jobs. I'm a lot older and worked in a much more relaxed job market. At least u found a job!!!!! Lots of happy things coming ur way. Sandy in California

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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Good to see you drop by!  Sounds like everything is working out for you!  How exciting!  So many changes, Girl, you are brave!



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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Congrats sent to you on many levels!!

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Re: An update from Maddiecat

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It's so great to see your post Maddiecat.  Congratulations on your upcoming wedding :-).  I married at nearly 40 (he has since passed) and as long as there is enough room in the house for each of you to have your own space, you'll be fine, ha ha ha.



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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Maddie ... I've often wondered where and how you were ... it's so good to hear from you again. 


Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials and your new job ... best of luck.

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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Congratulations to you and Sweetie!  Wishing you the very best in your marriage and on the job...exciting times!


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Re: An update from Maddiecat

I too had been wondering where you were and thought maybe I missed something but shout-out threads never go well so I refrained from asking.  LOL


Congratulations to you.  What a whirlwind few months you've had.



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Re: An update from Maddiecat

I am so happy to hear from you and read about the exciting changes.  Congratulations on the marriage proposal!!  I am glad you were able to resolve your job issue and find a new one.  The hours may not be ideal for you, but I love the idea of working from home two days per week.  Try to check in when you can!!

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Re: An update from Maddiecat

Congratulations!  Life is Good!!!