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They make a great team. Amy is doing an excellent job of allowing Louis to tell about his beautiful cloths. Very enjoyable.

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She looks great in his stuff!
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They were another easy-breezy combo! Very nice together.

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I agree. She was even a bit playful and brought that out in Louis. fun show.

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Amy is one of my favorite hosts. I love her show, Inspired Style. She is fun and adorable!

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I thought she talked over him a lot.
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Respectful. That is what I saw. I appreciated her interaction with him. Very nice to watch.

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I loved the combo, as well. Louis has the best clothes on the Q in my opinion. Love Jac's style and the way she puts Linea together. His clothes are pure perfection. I wish the Q would have him on more often. Very pleasant and wonderful shows to watch. Amy is great. I hope she will get more primetime spots.

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I like him with Sandra Bennett too. But yes I think he's also good with Amy and Leah.

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She was great with him, the clothes looked wonderful, and Amy looked young and stylish in his clothes, classy.