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Amy looks so amazing in anything she wears. I swear you could put her in a dress made entirely of dryer lint and she would look like a million bucks.😊 That gray sweater is so cute. 

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Agreed. She is very beautiful and has a great petite shape.

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Yes, she is a darling girl, but she talks so fast & her voice gets on my nerves....I can only watch her for a few minutes!  I wish so would slow it down a bit!  

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@IMW  Yeah no doubt - Amy, what a girl!  Love her, and yes that lint dress, she would wear it well!!!  LOL

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When she's on-air, I grab the remote and hit the mute button.  She would make a wonderful behind-the-scenes employee.

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I really enjoy Amy, she is delightful .

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I agree.  Everything she wears seems to look better on her than on any other single person, all models included.  I don't know why this is exactly, but to me it seems to be the case.


Even items that I don't particularly care for, well, when Amy wears them they look cute.

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I agree.  She looks great in everything she puts on.  I only wish I looked so good.

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Love Amy in those halter tops, and off shoulder tops and dresses..  Amy is  sooo on trend these days.  Lots of young product presenters, and QVC hosts look great wearing trendy clothes.  Real glam look.  I’m sooo done with the old fashioned frumpy, ,”cover me up” baggy look.    So unflattering, especially now that’s it summertime. Show some skin, and your great tan!.  And the fruits of your fitness , and diet programs.Smiley Happy