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Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

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The writer of this NY Times article verbalizes some of my sentiments. Do we really need $120 yoga pants to go to the gym? What happened to sweatpants? She points out that while they don't look as "hot," they're more comfortable, breathable, and practical for working out-- and lounging around.


I do wear yoga pants/leggings to the gym (not the $120 ones), but l change into jeans if l'm going somewhere afterward, or sweatpants for hanging around the house. 


Yoga pants have their place, but they're becoming too ubiquitous, IMO.


Here's the link to the brief article:


Edited to remove link that contained political sidebars.


ETA: I tried to copy and paste the article using my iPad, but this time I was unable to ☹️. Please google "why yoga pants are bad for women ny times." It's worth the extra trouble 🙂... handygal

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

handygal - thanks for my pre coffee laugh this morning 

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

Thx for sharing the link Handygal. Good article!  Skin tight anything feels totally restricting to me (I’m fit and exercise almost daily).  And it’s not that good for your skin to wear tight pants (especially you epilate and are prone to ingrown hairs).  Agree, with all the authors points-  I find great quality fitness clothes cheap at TJM or other discount stores. Cant justify full (high) priced clothing to sweat in.  Yes, for my career, no for everything else in life! 

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

Yes, I read the article.

It was just a silly....I don’t think she’s serious.


In reality, the grey sweatpants are not practical for most workouts.

They are extremely bulky and ‘breathable’ usually means they are 

100% cotton, which is uncomfortable when lots of sweat is introduced.


Any athlete/gym rat will tell you Sports are a large part mental game.

If a piece of spandex costing $120 helps me attain the perfect 

Yoga Child Pose (hee), so be it. 


 Nothing wrong with wearing spandex outside the studio/gym.

I worked hard for those buns, hun.

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

My guess is the writer of this article never worked out, isn't a serious workout person or never worked out in sweatpants. They are miserable to work out in.  They are way too warm.  I couldn't even get through a 35 minute treadmill workout in a pair of sweatpants.


I love my yoga pants.  Plus, they look tighter than they really are.  Do I own $120.00 yoga pants?  No I don't and I never will.  I love the C9 Champion brand from Target at under $20.00 on sale and I love the ones from Old Navy, again well under $20.00 when on sale.


But, it's not my business to tell others what to spend their money on.

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

My opinion is the article was written tongue in cheek to elict exactly the reaction/outrage that followed. Job well done NY Times!


I do wear yoga pants and don't apologize for it. Ubiquitous? Perhaps, but not moreso than jeans.😊

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

I don't click on unknown links but thanks for summarizing the article.  I hate it when posters post a link and then don't summarize or give their own thoughts and opinions. I don't what the writer's agenda was.  I do know that clothing that just a short while ago, we thought of as gym clothes are now gone main stream.  Especially, yoga pants and it seems that the writer might not know what yoga pants are.  They aren't sweatpants and the costs is relative.  I might think a pair of $120 stretch black pants is too much but there are women are ok with it.  We all aren't living the same life.  We all have our own incomes and resources.  I don't wear yoga pants but that's more about my figure and lifestyle than it is about yoga pants.  That whole "athleisure" look isn't me but I do like it on other women.  I don't weat sweatpants...never have and never will.  Not my look.  I wear stretchy black pants with oversized tees and athletic socks around the house.  I wear the same pants with my Ugg-like boots and a sweater if I have to go out.    

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

I wear yoga pants but only to yoga class.

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants

@LipstickDiva Those Target Champion yoga pants are THE BEST. And the price..💟

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Re: Amusing Article Re: Yoga Pants


I wear yoga pants but only to yoga class.

I wear them to yoga class, too, but have no time to change either before/after.  So if a run an errand before or after my class...there I am, wearing my yoga pants !   


Have never understood why people on this board think this is "wrong".